Work Estimate Template

Download and open this work estimate template in Microsoft excel to create proficient work estimates for your customers or clients.  This can be also used as repair estimate template. Aside from the nature and size of the work, people often like to know how much money they will spend before making a final deal with contractor or freelancer to get work done as planned. Work estimate is just like a preliminary assessment of overall cost of the work or project and time frame to complete the work according to the needs and requirement of customer. Work estimate can be the very first step towards a deal with your customer or client. As a freelancer or manager of a service provider company, you may asked by customers several times to provide work estimate before providing your services and writing a proper work estimate is the best way to tell your customer that how much you are going to charge the work or job.

About Free Work Estimate Template:

When it comes to make a work estimate, you need to know your team, deliverables, tasks, and processes very well in order to create an appropriate and economical work estimate. Keep in your mind that a work estimate with too high price or cost will result in job loss and similarly an estimate with low cost will directly affect your profit margin. However an affordable work estimate attracts the potential customer for getting your services to get the work done in cost effective and timely manner. The professional method of providing information about a work estimate is to write up a work estimate on professional letterhead. If you are responsible for making work estimate as an active part of the company or business, you should not forget to include basic details just like the scope of work, the hourly rate of your services, material required and timeframe in which you will accomplish the work etc.

Work estimates are essential to give customer or client an idea about how much money they need to get required work done. Whether you are running a big company or providing services as a freelancer, you should create work estimates for your customers to win their trust as well as to provide services on lower rates than market. If you don’t want to spend huge time on making work estimates, try to use this work estimate template given below the post. The template provides you an excellent format to create professional work estimates. This work estimate template is suitable for all type of works just like construction, repairing, remodeling and renovation etc.

Download Work Estimate Template and Repair Estimate Template

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